15 Great Stocks For 2015

From the financial experts and analysts, it is possible to acquire the names of 15 great stocks of 2015. Investment plan for the future with the stock can be made in the process. Stocks are chosen on the basis of market cap over $ 1 billion. Return from the investment can be ensured within a year.

  1. Abbot Laboratories

From the health sector, Abbot Laboratories can be observed as an effective stock for investment. Due to high amount of exposure in the emerging market, benefits from this stock can be observed. It has a potential to obtain double digit growth with the price target of 45.00.

  1. American Express

If you want to investment with a financial market then American Express can be considered as the best option. It is especially beneficial for the small business owners. Level of acceptance with Visa and Master card can be improved in future.

  1. Amgen Inc.

Excellent benefits can be obtained from another company from health sector that is known as Amgen Inc. According to the cash flow in the company, modest expansion can be observed within a company.

  1. Apple Inc

Due to launch of series of iPhone from Apple Inc, stock value of the company can go higher in the year 2015. In addition to iPhone, significant growth in the company can be observed with iWatch to guarantee rapid growth.

  1. Canadian pacific railways

Compelling investment plans can be done with the Canadian Pacific Railways. High percentage of investment opportunities can be observed in the transport sector. Due to cost cutting, revenue can be increased by 10%.

  1. Eaton Corp PLC

According to the experts, hydraulic and truck rebound can be observed with the Eaton Corp PLC in the year 2015. More than $325 million target can be observed with synergy. Steep discounts have been offered to the peers with stocks. Therefore, a rebound can be observed in the end market.

  1. Estee Lauder Companies

Long term revenue growth of 6% can be observed organically with the Estee Lauder. Market with the beauty product has been booming recently. Therefore, it can be considered as an effective stock.

  1. Hess Corporation

Asset divestures in addition to monetization have been considered as the key driver for the growth of Hess Corporation. Therefore, improvement in stock value can be noticed.

  1. L Brands Inc

Due to improvement of service with retail chain, stocks have an additional appeal in front of the investors.

  1. Magna International

For diversified products, Magna International has been considered as the top global supplier. Strongest balance sheet of the company ensures profit.

  1. MasterCard Inc.

Due to strong fundamental growth, stock of the Master Card can be purchased from the market. It is believed that EPS of the company can be increased up to 20% yearly.

  1. Monsanto Company

In the land of productivity, bio technology has been considered as the front runner. Therefore, benefits can be assured with stocks of Monsanto Company.

  1. Nike Inc

Powerful balance sheet offers confidence to buy the stocks of the company from market. It has an EPS of 16% in the last 4 year.

  1. Prudential Financial

In the United States of America, it is one of the effective insurance companies with a large cap. Therefore, reasonable growth can be continued in future.

  1. XL Group PLC

Favorable returns have been observed from the XL Group PLC. It has an effective balance sheet with the excess capital of $ 700 million.